Welcome to the Holstege Lab Microarray Facility

The Holstege Lab houses a unique, robotics-based microarray facility. This facility is partially funded by the UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University. The services are available to any other group in the UMC Utrecht, Utrecht University or elsewhere, either in the form of partial cost-recovery based collaboration or full-cost service. The Holstege Lab Microarray Facility specializes in DNA microarray mRNA expression-profiling analyses. The facility believes that DNA microarray experiments should be a calibrated and trustworthy measurement technology rather than a numbers-generating screen for differential gene expression. This is reflected in several unique characteristics which distinguish this facility from any other in Europe or elsewhere. These have been developed because the research in the Holstege Lab is itself highly dependent on data quality. The unique characteristics include:

Many years of technology optimisation using external control RNA calibration standards

Robotics for all steps after RNA isolation to achieve consistency and throughput

All work is performed in a climate-controlled (temp, humidity and ozone) dustfree cleanroom

Quality-control at all steps

Seamless integration of experiment design, data-generation and data-analysis through the presence of outstanding bioinformaticians

The group has a thorough understanding of all aspects of microarray projects including proper experiment design, newly developed normalisation algorithms, appropriate statistics, standards-based handling, storage and dessimination of data. For more information see our publications or contact us.